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Cobra RIBs was founded in 1988 and has remained an independent family business ever since.  The company's extraordinary approach to craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail is equalled only by the passion and dedication of the people who design and build these exceptional boats.  The unique relationship between those who create Cobra RIBs and those who experience the adventure of driving them has helped to create a unique and compelling brand that invites power boat enthusiasts from across the globe to 'join the adventure'. 

Heritage Cobra RIB


The evolution of Cobra RIBs has spanned more than 30 years and we remain the sole designer and manufacturer of the now highly respected Cobra RIBs product.  We are proud of our heritage - from humble beginnings in 1988 to the producer of the now world-renowned Deep V Hulled Nautique power boat range.  Since our beginning, we have launched 5 generations of the Nautique model which today remains at the forefront of the RIB market and has become synonymous globally with the phrase the 'Ultimate Family Adventure RIB.  All of our Cobras are custom built in the UK using only the finest materials.

Generation One

1988 - 1999

Cobra RIBs founded its reputation for build quality and sea keeping, putting them at the forefront of the RIB market. Cobra was unique in building not only commercially based RIBs but was one of the first companies to see the leisure market potential.

Generation Two

2000 - 2006

In 2000 Cobra launched an update to the original Nautique range, keeping the product line at the forefront of the leisure RIB market.

Generation Three & Four

2007 - 2016

Cobra introduced a smaller 6.6m as the smallest boat to the Nautique range. This generation saw a new 'deeper V' hull design on 7.6m upwards providing boats with increased performance and further edge in rough seas.

Generation Five

2016 - Present

Cobra launches generation five of the Nautique range at the Southampton Boat Show 2016. Designed completely from the ground up, this range set a new standard in the market of what the 'Ultimate Adventure RIB' means, again.

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