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Nautique RIB


It's time to take your family on that thrill-seeking adventure. Explore the full nautique range, and buy and customise your RIB with cobra.

Nautique Inboard Luxury RIB Boat


It's time for that thrill-seeking adventure. Explore the Nautique Inboard range, and buy and customise your Inboard RIB with Cobra.

rib boats for sale Patronus


Designed to provide endless possibilities, handcrafted to perfection with every detail, let our Patronus range transform your luxury yacht tender experience. For some of our exceptional examples, please see below. 

Cobra Navis Inboard Top View


Introducing the Navis N40, pushing boundaries to deliver unparalleled luxury on the water.

Terramar T8


The introduction of the amphibious Terramar T8, allows for a seamless transition from water to land with the push of a button.

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build your own

Configure your own Cobra RIB to your specification.

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Have a look at the latest brochure for the Nautique and Patronus ranges.

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