How to look after your Cobra RIB this winter

Cobra RIBs Boat Cleaning Service

As we say goodbye to the warm, sunny days of the summer boating season, it’s time to think about preparing your Cobra RIB for the winter ahead.

Without proper preparation, your boat will be at risk from mould, mildew, frost damage, and more. Making sure it can withstand the winter is important for ensuring it has a long lifespan.

Here at Cobra Ribs, we are proud to offer a comprehensive aftercare service that will make your boat ownership journey as smooth as possible. Our expert service team can offer a wide variety of winter preparation services to ensure your boat will be in good condition when spring rolls around.

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Clean and wash your RIB

The first step is making sure your RIB is clean and free from algae, salt, and mud. If you store your boat without cleaning it, sea residue can cause the fabric to develop mould or damp. This will make it much harder to clean in the future.

At Cobra RIBs, we can carry out a full boat cleaning service, using powerful jets to wash the hull and rinse off any moisture-retaining salt. Your boat will be left clean and ready for use when the warmer months arrive.

Winterise your engine

To keep it in optimal working order, your engine should be serviced every hundred hours or yearly, whichever comes first. The start of winter is the ideal time to do this – not only are you less likely to take your boat out, but you can properly prepare it for the cold weather to come.

Low temperatures can wreak havoc on your engine’s operation. Any water left inside the engine can freeze and expand, causing damage by cracking parts of the engine. Even if the winter is mild, any old fuel, dirty oil, or salt build-up left in your engine can cause serious damage.

When you bring your boat to us, we will winterise your engine to protect it from cold, thoroughly flushing out build-up, adding a fuel stabiliser, and making sure it will withstand frost. We will also check to ensure it’s in good working order overall.

Store your RIB properly

After having your boat washed and cleaned, make sure to store it in a dry place that will remain at a relatively steady temperature. Check it’s locked away securely to avoid potential component theft, and take precautions against rodents who may try to chew on the boat fabric.

Even if you still use your boat during the winter, we advise taking it out of the water for at least two months to give it the chance to dry out. This will help prevent osmosis of the hull.

Get your RIB winter ready with Cobra

At Cobra, we offer a wide range of boat services, including hull jetwash, antifouling, and valeting, along with any other repairs that may require attention.

We are also able to offer winter storage. Spaces fill up quickly, so don’t delay getting in touch. We can also assist with collection and delivery if required.

Book your boat’s winter servicing by filling out our online form or by calling us on 01202 612712!