The Game-Changing Benefits of Owning an Amphibious RIB Boat

Terramar T8 RIB boat

When heading out to the water for an adventure, you want your transition from land to water to be smooth and effortless on a boat that will give you an experience to remember each and every time. The Cobra Terramar T8 has been designed and built with these specifically in mind.

In this post, we discuss the game-changing benefits of owning our amphibious RIB boat.

Effortless Launch and Landing

The Terramar T8 has been designed with one-touch launch and landing capabilities. This makes getting in and out of the water simple and hassle-free so that you can spend more time enjoying the adventure and exploring where you have landed and less time trying to get your RIB where you want it to be.

Quiet and Clean Technology

Traditional boats and RIBs can be noisy, disrupting the peace of being at sea. However, this isn't the case for the Terramar T8.

We have utilised an electric motor to power the drive system of this amphibious RIB, meaning that you can enjoy some peace and quiet while sailing across the water for your next adventure.

An additional benefit of this technology is that you can say goodbye to the harmful emissions produced by a fuel-powered engine too. When you own a Terramar T8, you can enjoy exploring the sea knowing that you are using a cleaner, more sustainable vehicle.

User-Friendly Design

Whether you are a seasoned helmsman or are jetting off for the first time with a Terramar T8, you will find the RIB easy to manoeuvre, thanks to its user-friendly design.

The handling of the boat comes down to a joystick, making it easy to move on both land and sea.

Additionally, we have developed the hull into a deep V shape, which offers smoother handling when in the water.

So, whether transitioning from water to land or land to water, you will find it easy, effortless and enjoyable.


Thanks to its many features, this amphibious RIB offers versatility, enabling you to use it however you want; whether you are going on a family adventure to explore the sea or simply need a yacht tender to get from the land to your yacht.

With a spacious layout accommodating up to 11 people and ample storage for gear and supplies, it's ready to adapt to any adventure.

High Performance

This yacht tender is powered by a Mercury Engine with 300 horsepower to deliver an impressive performance in the water.

If you are an adrenaline junky or a high-speed addict, the Terramar T8 can fulfil your desires, getting you from A to B quickly and with a thrill.

Of course, if you want a relaxed journey, the boat can also handle slower speeds without losing precision in the handling.

From cruising, waterskiing, or fishing, the RIB can handle anything.

Safety and Comfort

You and your passengers can feel secure knowing that the Terramar T8 satisfies the strict safety requirements for use offshore, thanks to its CE Category B rating.

It is also built for extended days on the water in complete comfort, featuring a roomy cockpit, cosy seating, and a 300-litre fuel tank.

Make It Your Own

At Cobra RIBs, we know that you don't want a yacht tender that will look exactly like every other RIB we sell, which is why we offer fully customisable boat colours.

Our passion is providing our customers with a personalised approach when choosing the finer details of their boats. So, from tubes to upholstery, you can select the colours to make your Terramar your own.

Embrace the Waves in Our Amphibious RIB

Our new amphibious RIB is game-changing as it puts personalisation, manoeuvrability and ease at the centre of your sea adventures while enabling you to transition from sea to land without a thought.

Enquire today about the Terramar T8 by giving us a call at 01202 612 712 or by completing our online contact form.