World Class British Boat Builder, Cobra RIBs Partners with Tectrax for Amphibious RIBs

Amphibious RIB

World class boat manufacturers, Cobra RIBs, renowned for their family leisure and chase tender ranges are excited to unveil their latest, innovation – the Terremar Range. This series features high-performance Amphibious RIBs, offered in a range of lengths starting from 6 metres.

Reimagine The Possibilities

Pioneering the field of electric amphibious systems, Tectrax, led by CEO James Morton, eagerly joins forces with Cobra RIBs for the launch of the Terremar Range. Morton underscores the excellence of their pure electric amphibious systems, elevating the boating experience to unprecedented levels. Boasting seamless, one-touch boat launch and landing capabilities, the technology is not only quiet and clean but also remarkably user-friendly. Whether enhancing family adventures or serving as a versatile yacht tender, Terremar invites users to reimagine the possibilities of aquatic exploration.

The introduction of amphibious vessels expands Cobra RIBs' product range, prioritising client convenience and safety. With Terremar, passengers need not disembark until reaching dry land, offering an unparalleled level of ease and security.

Positioned as an ideal tender solution for yachts or a thrilling adventure boat, Terremar allows for a seamless transition from water to land with the push of a button. The fully integrated system deploys wheels effortlessly, presenting a novel and convenient approach to amphibious boating.

Benefiting from the renowned performance hulls for which Cobra RIBs is known, coupled with the advanced Tectrax system, Terremar presents a revolutionary means of exploring the water.

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