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The Cobra Nautique 8.5m Inboard is our newest size added to the range. She has all the design aspects from the larger models in the range, but in a smaller package. Therefore the Cobra Nautique Inboard 8.5m is the ideal boat for users getting into boating or existing users who want the benefits of our bigger boats in a smaller length.

The engine room lid provides you with a fantastic sunbed area, perfect for family days out. 


The Cobra Nautique 9m Inboard, is one of most popular sizes in this range. Designed and manufactured in Britain, this stylish, sizable RIB is everything you will need for action-packed family fun. 

We offer different layout configurations, colours and optional extras, giving you the chance to truly make this your own. 

This family craft perform’s effortlessly in any weather, making this the popular choice for comfort, ride and handling.


The Cobra Nautique 9.5m is a stylish option in our inboard range which is favoured for its illustrious feel and handy storage solutions.

Available with a variety of optional extras and layout configurations, the customisable 9.5m will not fail to impress.


The Cobra Nautique, 10m Inboard is our top of the range rib and favoured for its extra space and luxury on-board. 

This boat is perfect for leisurely fishing jaunts, family days out, and adrenalin-packed water sports. This impressive model is offered in a variety of colours and is available with a great range of optional extras.

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Utilising uncompromising materials, the latest design technology and over 30 years of continuous evolution, the Nautique Inboard range is a peerless combination with unique DNA, performance, and brand heritage.



Our unique design increases hull deadrise whilst reducing energy loss and increasing overall efficiency. This balance provides a memorable experience of comfort and performance which is true to the Cobra DNA.

The hull design and tube position are purposely engineered to maximise spray deflection making Cobra the driest ride on the market

Safety is at the core of the design and performance. With multiple hand holds, superb handing qualities, secure seating and an unprecedented testing regime this culminates in a craft which has been completely engineered with safety in mind.



Technology is embedded in our design process. We create full detailed design drawings to show how the boat will look and feel, before transferring this into CAD to be refined and tested for functionality. All of our boats are moulded from a high precision 5-axis CNC machine, which works to a tolerance of +/- 0.005, meaning all of our boats are built to the exact design specification. 

Our suspension helm seating has been specifically designed so that all mechanisms are integrated to hide any unpleasant mechanics as well as protect them from the sea air. We are so pleased with this design we offer it as standard across the Nautique Inboard range. 



We understand that all of our customers have different tastes and requirements for their boats, which is why we offer fully customisable boat colours, from tubes to upholstery. It is our passion to offer a personalised approach to our customers when selecting the finer details on the boat.



Configuration function coming soon to our website.

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